Nourishing Chia Seeds In Our Diet

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Chia Seeds are a nourishing superfood that are still trending.  They are so nutritious that I think they will always stay in the top ten of my nutritious superfood list.  Chia seeds are so convenient to add to all of my clients diets.  I can sneak them into everyone’s menu planning including the fussiest of […]

How To Get Glowing Skin With Real Foods

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Glowing skin is one of the wonderful side kicks of nourishing your body with real foods.  Many women I see complain of dull, tired skin, dry hair and brittle, breaking nails. Women prone to these issues are often busy people who don’t have a regular, balanced diet.  Nourishing with small amounts of a wide variety […]


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Hummus is my favourite way of eating tahini.  Tahini is a paste made from ground up sesame seeds which is extremely high in calcium.  The husks of the sesame seeds contain oxalic acid, which prevents calcium being absorbed, so enjoy tahini hulled (with the husks off) most of the time.  Unhulled tahini is richer and […]

Are You Still Eating Dairy?

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Eating dairy doesn’t seem as popular as it was in previous generations.  I love cheese and a good quality natural yoghut!  Milk of any species is a special food, the primary food of all mammals. Healthy mother’s milk is the best food a baby can have because it is easily digested, provides all the baby’s physical […]

Whey Protein For Sports Nutrition

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Whey protein powder may seem an inferior source of protein.  I use a good quality protein powder in some of our snacks and even meals for weight management, wound healing, immune support, blood sugar management, nutritional kick, healthy ageing, supporting energy levels and of course to help meet the additional protein needs of my active […]

How To Make Almond Milk

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Almond milk is so quick and easy to make.  It is full of calcium and magnesium and other nutrients which will help calm your nervous system as well as give your bones all the goodness they need to be strong and healthy.  Almonds are beautifully alkalizing for your body and this milk is perfect for […]

10 Real Foods For Super Immunity

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During winter I stock my fridge with lots of immune boosting real foods, keep specific supplements on hand and avoid mucous forming foods as much as possible. When we get a cold I try to re-schedule and snuggle into the sofa for an afternoon or even just an hour. My favourite real foods to boost […]