Quinoa is still such a superfood in my mind.  Knowing how to cook a superfood may prevent us from experimenting and trying a new food.  Quinoa is so very...

Eating dairy doesn’t seem as popular as it was in previous generations.  I love cheese and a good quality natural yoghut!  Milk of any species is a special food, the...

Whey protein powder may seem an inferior source of protein.  I use a good quality protein powder in some of our snacks and even meals for weight management, wound...

Almond milk is so quick and easy to make.  It is full of calcium and magnesium and other nutrients which will help calm your nervous system as well as...

During winter I stock my fridge with lots of immune boosting real foods, keep specific supplements on hand and avoid mucous forming foods as much as possible. When we...

I feel so honored to say I have enjoyed three glowing pregnancies.  Some say it’s luck and yeah some of it is but I upped my anti on healthy...

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Hi, I'm Nic Makim a nutritionist focusing on real food solutions. I offer virtual nutrition coaching to help with specific health conditions. I am also a wellness blogger for various respected blogs within the wellness world.
I simply love good healthy food!

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My ebook is a practical approach into the importance of how powerful protein, fabulous fats and carbohydrates are to our health. Nutritional tips to help balance your hormones, alkalise your diet and much more.

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The Food Matters Detox Guide is a comprehensive 3-day detox guide that will teach you how to apply the principles addressed in the film. Click 'Learn More' To Buy Your Detox Guide. This is how I detox, I love it!

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How To Alkalise Your Body

Alkalising with real foods is such a protective plan of action. Included as many alkalising real foods as possible to balance your bodies pH.

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